Our Value Statement

We're a grass roots recruitment firm with a great reputation!

We focus on top tier companies who are strategically looking to grow. We want to be more than you’re favorite recruitment firm, we want to be viewed as a valuable asset to your company. All we are saying is, we better get an invite to the Christmas Party!

At Reefer Gigs, we aim to provide job seekers a company that represents them. We primarily partner with passive job seekers, people who are in management roles or higher. Typically, our candidates are coming from outside the cannabis industry & filling more traditional roles like, CMO, Operations Directors, etc. Our goal is to find candidates who are passively looking for an opportunity to transition in to the cannabis industry & we maintain that relationship until the correct opportunity arises.

“It’s not about what you know, but who you know!” Wise words.

We pride ourselves on our relationships. We understand that a strong source of candidates is ultimately what makes a great recruitment partner. This recruitment firm is built off the backs of the relationships we have personally built over the years in cannabis & other industries.

We aim to constantly maintain a growing pool of top tier relationships. Our candidates work with us because we partner with innovative, growing companies, we are real & they feel taken care of here. 

Veteran Owned & Operated!

Dynamic Team

Years of Experience

Our team is constantly expanding but we started as just a husband & wife duo. Putting our years of cannabis, tech, & retail experience to use!

Mj Advertisements HR Manager

Allison Watson | Co-Founder

Ladies First | Retail Rockstar! Allison has almost a decade managing retail projects small to large. She has sourced & placed contract & full time technicians for very specific projects for some of the worlds largest fortune 500 companies in retail. To include Warby Parker, Louis Vuitton & Best Buy.

Blake Watson | Founder

Combat Veteran | Serial Entrepreneur! This mad man has the hots for cannabis. Two time cannabis founder. Through years of navigating cannabis & the Austin startup tech scene, Blake brings extensive knowledge & a top tier rolodex to the Reefer Gigs network.

We represent who you're looking for.

Meet the Candidates Who Are Ready to Elevate Your Team!

Discover the talented and passionate individuals who are part of our network, positioned to contribute their wealth of experience to your growing company. 

It’s Madness hiring in cannabis. We help.

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