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It’s Madness hiring in cannabis and we use our revolutionary approach to achieve your hiring objectives.

Our recruitment model revolves around building long term relationships with elite passive job seekers positioned to accelerate growth in the cannabis industry.

Our specialization lies in forging connections with candidates who are happily employed but interested in transitioning to the cannabis industry only if the correct opportunity arises. We’ve been cultivating these relationships for years.

We represent the best when it comes to talent. Not sure if we’re the right company for your needs? We offer a free consultation. 

Unmatched Network

We represent who you're looking for.

Meet the Candidates Who Are Ready to Elevate Your Team!

Discover the talented and passionate individuals who are part of our network, positioned to contribute their wealth of experience to your growing company. 

It’s Madness hiring in cannabis. We help.

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Bottom line... we already have who you want.
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