It's Madness hiring in cannabis. We help.

Looking to land your dream gig in cannabis? Or maybe you need top talent for your company? Either way, we’ll help you sort through The Madness.

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Trusted by hundreds of professionals who are looking for representation into the cannabis industry.

Working with Reefer Gigs was the best hiring experience we have had. Hiring in the cannabis industry is hard. In the past we struggled finding top talent, but not anymore!  

– Debra H. | HR Director

Our Value Statement

We're a grass roots recruitment firm with a great reputation!

We focus on top tier companies who are strategically looking to grow. We want to be more than you’re favorite recruitment firm, we want to be viewed as a valuable asset to your company. All we are saying is, we better get an invite to the Christmas Party!

At Reefer Gigs, we aim to provide job seekers a company that represents them. We primarily partner with passive job seekers, people who are in management roles or higher. Typically, our candidates are coming from outside the cannabis industry & filling more traditional roles like, CMO, Operations Directors, Product Designers etc. Our goal is to find candidates who are passively looking for an opportunity to transition in to the cannabis industry & we maintain that relationship until the correct opportunity arises.

We provide a unique, modern experience that includes a premium recruiting service, free job board, & resume building options. Whether you’re looking for a new role or looking for a new hire, we’re here to help.

Request a free consultation to have someone help you sort The Madness!

Veteran Owned & Operated!

After being frustrated with other traditional job boards. We decided it’s time for the cannabis industry to have one that is just for us. 

It’s Madness hiring in cannabis that is why our job board is 100% free & easy to use!

It’s Madness hiring in cannabis and we use our revolutionary approach to achieve your hiring objectives.

Our unique model revolves around building long-term relationships with elite passive job seekers positioned to accelerate growth in the cannabis industry.

Our specialization lies in forging connections with candidates who are not only eager to contribute but committed to nurturing lasting partnerships that will propel your team to new heights.

We recognize the value of top-tier professionals who are content in their current roles yet remain open to seizing the right opportunity in the dynamic cannabis industry.

Our expertise lies in representing passive job seekers, those who are eager to transition when the perfect fit arises. We’re here to guide you throughout this process.

Additionally, we provide exceptional resume services to ensure job seekers are well-prepared for their transition into the cannabis sector.

Ask about our outplacement resume benefits for exiting employees.

Unmatched Network

We represent who you're looking for.

Meet the Candidates Who Are Ready to Elevate Your Team!

Discover the talented and passionate individuals who are part of our network, positioned to contribute their wealth of experience to your growing company. 

It’s Madness hiring in cannabis. We help.

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Bottom line... we already have who you want.
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